Nokia E 72

So, I've been instaling & playing intensivly with my new toy for over a Day now. As the week starts tomorrow & I'll definatly have no time for this "article" during the week, you'll have to get the shorter version of it now

As you may have read before my start with the E72 was not very pleasant. The first device I got I replaced after a few hours because of a malfunctioning/weird acting space bar button. So keep in mind that there are units out there that are not well finished indeed. But let's leave that aside.

Before getting the E72 I had 2 questions in my head:
1. Nokia E72 or Pioneer DDJ-RZ or Blackberry Bold 9700?
2. IF Nokia E72 then black or grey?

The first question was answered very fast when I got to play with the Bold in a store for a while. In short I didn't like it It simply didn't feel god imo at all:
The keys were too plasticy and kind of wobbely plus the pressing point was not easy for me to get. I kept pressing the wrong buttons. Call me stupid but I like my phone to do what I want in no time. I'm not in the mood to start learning how to PRESS A DAMN BUTTON.
The overall built of the phone didn't impress me at all. The older Bold felt much more solid, plus that leather patch on the back of the 9700 looks really stupid. Either it's leather or it isn't but this mikrofonkabel patch just looked cheap imo.
The software I won't judge as I have no experience with the BBs and I was so turned off from the built that I didn't spend enough time to check the software
Ok enough of why I didn't go for the BB, and let's go to the actual reason of this Thread

The answer to the 2nd Question was easy, I've only had black phones in the last couple of years so I was in the mood for another colour

The first positive surprise to me was when I opened the box and got the phone out of the plastic cloth. I know I'm repeating myself here but I LOVE the metal grey colour of this phone Really the pics online just don't do it any good. It is simply a lovely colour variant.
The built of the Phone is very good. Not perfect though. The battery cover does have a tiny play. The keys have a great pressing point, it is very easy to press the key you actually want to press Specially coming from a touch screen phone. Lession learned: If I ever get a touch screen phone again it has to have a hard qwerty keyboard as you do type MUCH faster
The second (and I think the last) issue is that there is a tiny space under the home button where the backlight does shine through. In the first Phone I got this tiny space was between the left selection key and the screen so I preferr my current variant where under the screen there is no space at all. But here it is obvious that Nokia had a tiny calculation mistake in the production as in this side (the left side of the phone) the measurements of the keys are just not correct. So Nokia you'd better correct that in the next production series.


Lyd udlejning: Når vi snakker lyd og lys og specielt disko lys på et diskotek hvor der tit er ansat en lyd tekniker til at montere pa lyd udstyr på stedet, ar det vores anbefaling at du køber det på nettet, da der også på molton stof til scenen - lyd og lys og DJ og disko udstyr samt de skønne diskokugler kan spares mange penge.